Wednesday, January 23, 2008

hernia of the brain

tomorrow i have hernia repair surgery. today i am being administered a medical exam by whatever lab company the life insurance company uses. whenever this lady shows up (the window of time leads me to believe she was a cable guy in her former life), i will dispense urine and blood and answer lots of questions related to my health. all of this adds up to a couple of things:

1 - due to drinking water like it's my job, i have pissed 12 times today and wonder if my urine, completely transparent, will register anything when it reaches the lab.

2 - an enormous hunger headache. two 12 hour periods of fasting within the span of two consecutive days has me listless, moody, and with throbbing head.

i think i'm also edging into delirium, if my noon meeting today is any indication. we were retained by a education noprofit to fill an executive director position. they signed the contract last week, and we planned the launch meeting for today. based on shreds of our conversation and the sound of her voice, i completely assumed the current executive director to be unattractive and decrepit. well when my colleague and i rolled into her office, she instantly became the object of another fleeting crush. she was a cougar, to be sure, but not hard on the eyes for a second. in any case, i had a hard time comprehending the first 5-10 minutes of our conversation and was almost tempted to say, "time out...can we just pause for a few minutes so i can get over the fact that you're hot?"

so basically dinner tonight will be the only meal i consume in a span of 36 hours. i hope i can get through the mealtime conversation without losing my mind.

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