Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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it's really nice having my wife back. i bitched and vented probably way too much about not having my partner in crime during her pregnancy, as if i was the one dealing with real physical, emotional and mental hardship along the way. (sorry about that, r) and while there is certainly a transition period to deal with, what with the new baby routine and all, it's just a pleasure to be able to catch a wine buzz and chill with her.

the potential issue with that -- the novelty of getting wine drunk seems to be taking the shape a bottle-or-more-per-night habit, which finds me feeling like a beef jerky lizard most mornings. "dry" hardly begins to convey how these red wine hangovers feel. (the fact that radiators rock the heat in out house certainly lends to that.) for example, at the risk of disclosing too much information, today i pounded water and green tea all morning at the office and did not hit the men's room for business of the #1 variety until 1pm. dehydrated much?

so, tonight and the rest of this week i am taking a break and saving myself for our first dat
e night this saturday. my parents are coming in, the first wave of new baby visits, and we are taking advantage of the built-in baby sitting feature by hitting blue duck tavern for drinks and dinner.

i'm thinking of putting on a food critic hat and trying my hand at a review. i've been getting into local food blogs lately. i am half tempted to stalk, not really, and semi-crush on metrocurean these days. but seriously, i feel i'm at a crossroads about this blog and where i want to take it. so far it's been a nice outlet for recording odd slices of my life, but i feel the need to lend some new ingredients to the pot.

shit, the lump of cole is waling upstairs so i guess i better peel off. story of my life lately -- i can hardly carve out time for an identity crisis. definitely more on this soon...


Rye said...

I haven't been at it as long as you, but I came to a similar conclusion about my blog space. Feedback takes some of the guess work out of wondering whether it's heading in some useful direction. I branched out for a bit, somewhere in the middle, but want to come back to the more frivolous for the time being. Additionally, I added another personal site to try to build up a longer narrative that I can edit into some semblance of literacy later.

I missed the graduation shindig for a day of dismantling my car. Give the folks a squeeze for me this weekend.

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