Thursday, March 15, 2007

Start the Madness

Get those brackets in!

That email from a kid in the office hit my inbox ten thousand times this week, like so much spam. They say employers collectively lose millions each year due to March Madness. This cat definitely got that memo and is committed to playing his part. Every time he sticks his head in my office I tell him to burn rubber before he even opens his mouth. As I type this, he's literally 10 feet outside my door hovering over his peers, riding their nuts, breathing down their necks.

Someone in every office across the land has to carry this flag, and I assume each soldiers through it with a similar level of passion. At noon the conference room television will come to life and suck every productive molecule from this place.

Wait, if I'm blogging on the clock, doesn't that already make me an unproductive slacker? Guess I should get that bracket filled out and get some real work done before noon.

More to come on how this day unfolds around here. I'm kind of askaird really...

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