Saturday, January 31, 2009

smokers mount rushmore

For so many years, my favorite author, Paul Auster, has perched atop my list of great minds I'd like to chat with over a pack of cigarettes. Recently I became the last person on earth to learn that President Obama has a cigarette habit. Sorry, Paul - I have to bump you to second chair. Come to think of it, these two comprise my Mount Rushmore of smokers. I need to add a couple more to round it out and am open to suggestions. Who are the coolest smokers out there?


dafisk said...

Shane MacGowan - simple because he is too cool to even light his own cigarettes on stage. No joke, he has a roadie whose job it is to light and replace cigarettes (and drinks) in his hand at all time. Kinda like a personal NASCAR pit crew for vices.

comanderbly said...

While fictional I have to say Snake Plisskin from escape from new york. Travolta from pulp fiction because he rolled his cigarettes. Bruce Willis - he stole his of a dead terrorist in Die Hard.